Friday, January 30, 2009

Too Bad Nobody Will Read This

I apologize for neglecting this blog and focusing only on the Haiti blog, but make no promises that it won't happen again. What do you care? You're not even a real person since I'm sure all the real ones have given up on this blog. And for good reason.

I've recently fallen in love with hot tea. I've drank it on occassion in the past, but never with any idea of what I was doing during the preperation. Recently I've worked harder at making it better and it has certainly paid off. It's really, really good. No, no, thank you Jonny Walls.

My only fear is that by consuming hot tea I will feel as if I'm special because of it, and maybe even better than those that don't drink it. You know the feelings, "Oh, look at me, I'm drinking tea, I'm fancy!" Maybe you don't, maybe I'm crazy.

With my already established love of sweet tea, tea now ranks right up there with Ale8 and Mountain Dew. What ranks atop your drink list?